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Social documentary / Commercial photographer, occasional writer. Behind YGREQ , creating meaningful photographs that reward a second look.

We’ve all been there. Stumbling into an elaborate new obsession or hobby, mulling it over for days upon days, before finally deciding to pull the trigger on it and get stuck in, only to be hit with the paradox of choice when trying to figure out where to begin.

Nowhere is this a bigger wormhole than in the field of film photography. So where DO you begin? There’s years and years and years worth of cameras across every format, and even if you can nail that down, you’ve got point and shoots, rangefinders, SLRs, TLRs, instant, fixed lens, the list…

It’s now been over two years since I took the leap and bought my Pentacon Six. The way I came into ownership of this camera was a bit unconventional. I was flying back to my home country of Bulgaria when upon arrival, the worst thing that could have happened, happened. The delightful airline had lost my luggage, including a few of my university’s books, and more annoyingly, my trusty Canon AE-1. I briefly considered replacing it, or getting a different SLR altogether in 35mm, however quickly opted to use this as an excuse to pull the trigger on a medium…

So, you’ve read my post on selecting a film camera and decided what you want, now it’s time to buy. Should be simple enough, right? Wrong. When shopping for analogue cameras or any sort of vintage photographic equipment, there are various pitfalls around every corner. But fear not, with a little bit of guidance and strategy, you’ll be loading up your brand new (old) camera in no time!

Firstly, I think it’s important to understand that you have options when buying any vintage kit. Without going into too many specifics, we can nail down two common places where one can…

Yassen Grigorov

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